About difficultstage

difficult|stage exists for the sole purpose of making relevant theatre from anything that excites and inspires us. Founded by Katy Owen, François Pandolfo and Ben Tyreman, difficult|stage is a new Welsh Theatre Company based in Cardiff with a desire to create distinctive and exciting work. Sometimes we will do this by revisiting existing or neglected works of literature in order to breathe new life into them. At other times we will start from scratch, using vibrant new writing to create entirely original material. We will always aim to create an unpredictable, uncompromising and unique audience experience with every performance.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Looking Through Glass


The Other Room welcomed back resident company difficult|stage with a follow-up to the hit 2015 show ‘Alix in Wundergarten’.

Looking Through Glass re-visited the fated radio recording studio where the big guns had been called in, in the form of the notorious Alison.

Dangerous, anarchic and hilarious, this was anti-panto in the extreme.

Cast & Creatives


Robert Bowman, Eiry Hughes, François Pandolfo & Nicola Reynolds

Devised by

The Company

With story by

François Pandolfo


Matthew Blake


Carl Davies


Katy Morison


Sam Jones


Zakk Hein

Assistant Director

Duncan Hallis

Stage Manager

Bethan Dawson


Ben Tyreman


Katy Owen

Supporting producer (The Other Room)

Ceriann Williams

production photography

Kieran Cudlip

Looking Through Glass was made possible by funding from the Arts Council of Wales.

When “Alix” went to Edinburgh!

Following our sell-out run at The Other Room last December and a week of Wales in Edinburgh previews at CHAPTER, ‘Alix in Wundergarten’ went to Edinburgh as part of the 2016 Festival Fringe performing in the Cowbarn at Underbelly.

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Writer: François Pandolfo

Director: Angharad Lee

Company: Jess Lloyd-Jones, François Pandolfo, Dean Rehman & Dewi Rhys Williams

Original Design: Carl Davies

Design recreated by: Georgina Miles

Lighting: Paul Towson

Sound Design: Lloyd Grayshon

Stage Management: Bethan Dawson

Producer: Ben Tyreman

Creative Producer/Marketing: Ben Atterbury

Press & Marketing: Alice Baynham

Production Photography: Aenne Pallasca

Alix in Wundergarten was made possible by funding from the Arts Council of Wales and support from CHAPTER.

difficult|stage presented Alix in Wundergarten in Cardiff & Edinburgh in partnership with Aberystwyth Arts Centre and their production of Saturday Night Forever.

The World Of Work

TWOW MasterA Black Comedy About Failure. 

Cursing, Trying, Failing

Shouting, Drinking, Gesticulating

Wheezing, Waiting, Pontificating

Crying, Dying, Pretending.

The World of Work is about being alive and never having done the doing.

The show played at Chapter Arts Centre in March 2014.

Click HERE for more information and to find out what our critics said about the show.


She Died

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difficult|stage is excited to announce that work is underway with planning for a new project.  Written by François Pandolfo, She Died is a dark and moving story of a somewhat dysfunctional family dealing with the death of a parent.

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