She Died

She Died (Zoomed)

difficult|stage is excited to announce that work is underway with planning for a new project.  Written by François Pandolfo, She Died is a dark and moving story of a somewhat dysfunctional family dealing with the death of a parent.

A group of siblings, two adopted and one blood-related, steal their Mother’s dead body in order to bury her in her favourite place.  Childhood pictures, pretend funerals and unsavoury secrets reveal themselves in the prints from an old disposable camera found in Jean’s caravan.  But after years of care and neglect, a copy of TV Quick, an origami cat, a whistle tuner and a dead woman in a body bag are surely all that’s left to dispose of?

And then of course, there are the memories…

We’re planning a period of development in the near future, working with a group of actors to explore ideas using both improvisation and scripted elements; methods which difficult|stage uses regularly during project development.  We find that allowing actors the ability to improvise freely around an ‘idea’ or a scripted starting-point, can yield both creative and sometimes surprising outcomes.

As with our previous projects, there will be an opportunity for us to share the fruits of this development process with an audience.  We’ll update with more detail as development gets underway.