“A work of unhinged brilliance”

The World Of Work played at Chapter Arts Centre in spring 2014.  Here’s what some of our critics had to say…..


“extraordinary piece of bubbling theatre…a very high quality cast of four”

Michael Kelligan, Theatre in Wales

(read Michael’s review in full here)


effortlessly believable…with the easy charm of the finest stand up comics…expertly delivered by one of the strongest casts I’ve seen in some time”

James Sidwell, Buzz Magazine

(read James’ review in full here)


“A work of unhinged brilliance”

Sam Pryce, Young Critics

(read Sam’s review in full here)


“Absolutely hilarious…made our faces go all crinkly…non-stop dark humour until it hurt…Top marks”

Emma Geliot, CCG Magazine


And some comments from our audiences…

“Dark, naughty and painfully well-observed…I laughed harder than I have for years in the theatre…Powerful and arresting in the giggly extreme, I am a huge fan.”

Emma Rice (Artistic Director, KneeHigh)


 “Just wonderful – everything you’d expect – funny, heartbreaking, a bit f**king scary. Go see now.”

Adele Thomas, Theatre Director



Sarah Argent, Theatre Director


“Absolutely brilliant show…haven’t laughed so much for a long time”

Antony Owen-Hicks, Arts Council Wales


“Go see the very funny World of Work. I nearly did a wee”

Keiron Self, Actor


François Pandolfo, Katy Owen & Lisa Palfrey

The World Of Work played at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Tuesday 18 – Saturday 22 March, 2014

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World of Work (© Dan Green Photography 2014)

Ben Tyreman & Lisa Palfrey

The World Of Work is about being alive and never having done the doing.

Inspired by ‘living’; getting up every day, talking to the cat, awaiting a visitor, receiving letters of rejection and contemplating the inevitable – death.  This darkly comic and absurdist piece scrutinises feelings of inadequacy and questions how we measure success in the modern world…

Katy Owen & François Pandolfo

Katy Owen & François Pandolfo

difficult|stage was formed in 2013 by Katy Owen, François Pandolfo and Ben Tyreman with the sole purpose of making good adult theatre from anything that excites and inspires them.  Their desire is to create distinctive and exciting work, sometimes by revisiting existing or neglected works of literature in order to breathe new life into them, at other times starting from scratch, using vibrant new writing to create entirely original material. The bottom line is an ambition to create unpredictable, uncompromising and unique audience experiences with every performance.

François Pandolfo, Lisa Palfrey & Katy Owen

François Pandolfo, Lisa Palfrey & Katy Owen

It’s the morning of Katy’s Birthday and she spends some quality time with her animal friends…

You can also check out these Birthday video messages to Katy from Aunty Andrea, best friend Tony and her partner Neil.

Neil’s Message

Tony’s Message

Aunty Andrea’s Message


Company/Cwmi: Lisa Palfrey, Katy Owen, François Pandolfo, Ben Tyreman

Creatives/Tîm Creadigol: Katy Owen (Writer), Jamie Garven (Director), Benjamin Talbott (Composer)

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Katy Owen & Ben Tyreman

The World Of Work was made possible with a funding award from Arts Council Wales and ongoing support from Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.


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Production Photography – © Dan Green Photography, 2014